This Is Ground Music Dopp Kit

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We all know there are music essentials every guy needs, especially the guy on the go. Getting perfect audio quality is a tricky endeavor in any situation, much less when traveling — so what’s a guy to do? We don’t know if we can help you solve that problem, but we can certainly recommend the right gear to help you get your audio essentials safely from point A to point B, and that would be the This Is Ground Music Dopp Kit.

It’s a pricey spend, but it’s seriously worth it. The brand calls it an Organizational Boombox, and one look tells you all you need to know. The hull and handles are even inspired by a boombox, while it also features enough space for large-format headphones, speakers, those pesky iPod wires and plenty more.

It’s also crafted with premium construction in Milan, Italy — that makes it more than worth the investment for the usage you’ll get out of it. And if you just want to use the This Is Ground Dopp Kit to keep your audio gear organized at home? Well, it can do that more than easily. – Shop Now

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