Timahawk Survival Axe

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The Timahawk Survival Axe is the ultimate all-in-one survival tool for the serious hobbyist or outdoor professional. Fashioned out of 4130 Hardened Chromoly steel and fastened to a durable G10 handle with hardened steel bolts, the Survival Axe is fully functional as an axe, a crowbar, a tomahawk, and an adze-hammer.

The axe head is heat treated to ensure durability and edge retention regardless of the workload. At a weight of 4 lbs, the Timahawk Survival Axe is heavy enough to get the job done, yet still light enough for carrying. This all-in-one survival tool is great for everyday use, but will also be there if you need it for survival. – $180

Timahawk Survival Axe

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