Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang

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It looks like a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe. Mostly. But what’s underneath that body is very much from this current moment. Built by Camarillo, California custom shop Timeless Kustoms, this is a modern race car dressed in vintage Mustang clothing. Powered by Ford’s 5.1-liter Aluminator V8 engine, twin Precision turbos, and a Magnuson TVS Supercharger this “Vicious Mustang” churns out 1,000+ horsepower.

Timeless Kustoms included a slew of their own custom parts in the build, from the exhaust to the headers to the Ferrari F430-inspired rear diffuser. The brakes are Brembo carbon ceramic and the wheels are 19 inch centerlocks from Forgeline with Kumho tires. To make sure you stay inside the car when all one thousand horses kick in, the seats are from Sparco with harnesses by DJ Safety. All that custom work, all that precision, and all that hp pushed the price tag on the build up to an impressive $1m.

Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang

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