Timex Metropolitan S Smartwatch

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Like a car or a pair of jeans, the price you pay for a Smartwatch can vary from not too bad to you’ve gotta be kidding. The new Metropolitan S Smartwatch from Timex definitely falls toward the not-too-bad end of the spectrum with its $180 price tag, yet it still manages to include all the features you want in what amounts to a wrist computer. The two weeks of battery life is impressive — hold the Metropolitan up to the Apple Watch and it beats the pants off of the eighteen-hour battery life of the Series 5. 

The display is a touchscreen AMOLED, known for its low power consumption and with twenty different watch faces to choose from, you can make it your own. You get activity and sleep tracking via the optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer. Five workout modes plus a Freestyle mode will track your workouts and the on-board GPS will track your runs, hikes, walks, and rides. The Metropolitan delivers notifications and can control the music playing on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and has a do not disturb mode so your mom calling with more email troubleshooting doesn’t interrupt your morning run. 

Rounding out the features are weather notifications, a compass, air-pressure and altitude gauges, and a bunch of timers. There’s even a find my phone function, which is always appreciated by the preoccupied minds among us. All of this is housed in an aluminum case with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass lens and stays lashed to your wrist with a black silicone strap. With all the features you need and a price that doesn’t make you pick between rent and watch, it’s another Timex win for the people.

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