Timex T80 x PAC-MAN Watch

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When two iconic brands team up on a bit of stylish, wearable, and just plain fun history, we’re inclined to seriously consider a new addition to our style rotation — especially if said collaboration results in an enjoyable retro watch. Such is the case with the Timex T80 x PAC-MAN Watch, a new timepiece that takes you back in, well, time and honors the 1980 introduction of PAC-MAN to the market. It would change video games as we know them forever, and this watch will certainly add a fresh look to your watch collection.

Right around the time PAC-MAN launched, Timex debuted one of the first digital watches for mass production, and it’s from that time period that this watch takes its cool styling cues. Heck, this watch even plays the PAC-MAN jingle. When you want to add a bit of lighthearted, retro style to your wrist game, consider this timepiece the exact one you need. 

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