Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp Watch

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With a 150-year history, Timex has seen some stuff. Including action during the Vietnam War. The MK1 model is inspired by watches the brand made for the Marines back then, and the military influence—utilitarian, tough, green—is on full display. Teaming up with style icon Todd Snyner, the Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp Watch keeps the rugged good looks but takes the durability factor one step further. 

While most watches issued to servicemen were designed to be non-maintainable, this field watch is meant to stick with you over the years instead of being replaced when the mission’s over. The case is aircraft-grade steel and the quartz movement will keep on ticking even after it takes a licking. With its co-branded khaki strap and steel hardware, it’s one good-looking watch you can strap on for a day at the office or a week in the field. 


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