Titan Kawasaki Z500

Titan Kawasaki Z500


Although this custom treasure would definitely turn heads on the street, Australian-based shop Titans Motorcycles built it for one purpose — snowboarding trips. They needed a bike that could hold it’s own off-road and in the snow on treks up to the mountains, and it couldn’t have worked out any better.

The motorcycle is based off of a 1982 Kawasaki Z500, a fixer-upper that the group had recently come across and negotiated for. After a thorough service of the engine, the vintage bike was given the full treatment, which included shortening the frame and having it powder coated. Next, the bike was outfitted with a new blue upholstered seat that contrasts well with the original orange paint scheme, Mitas endura tires, Motocross handlebars and grips, and a variety of custom add-ons such as the exhaust headers, a custom aluminum headlight plate, license plate holder, and rear brake reservoir bracket. Learn more details about the build over here.

Titan Kawasaki Z500


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