Tom Brady’s First Career Touchdown Football

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Twenty years ago this October, Tom Brady threw his first touchdown pass as a pro QB. After being caught by a wide receiver (the late Terry Glenn), the football was thrown into the stands. The football then went on to a life of careful preservation and admiration. Tom Brady, as you can’t help but know, went on to amass more records and Superbowl wins than just about anyone, ever, since the beginning of time.

That carefully preserved football is now up for auction. Starting bid was $75,000 and photo records match it to the ball Glenn celebrated with after his touchdown. The word “PATS” for Patriots is written along the laces, consistent with what gets written on in-play balls. 

As of this writing, the bids have exceeded $100k, so don’t expect this to go cheap. Of course, if that’s getting too rich for your blood, you could always wait for the first-touchdown ball thrown by the next guy to have a two-decade pro career with ten Superbowl appearances and 230 regular season wins. But you might be waiting a while. 

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