Toto Grill Oven

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It makes sense that the birthplace of pizza would give rise to the first grill that can cook a good pie. Italian designed and made by Alfa 1977, the Toto Grill Oven is a wood or charcoal grill on one side and a brick oven on the other. The grill grate is stainless with an upper deck for frying pan and griddle cooking. The oven works like a traditional wood-fired oven. Build your fire, push it to the side and when it’s the approximate temperature of the sun in there (the pyrometer measures up to 930ºF) slide in the pizza and watch the cheese start to bubble.

The design is simple and European-sleek, coming in your choice of blue/orange or the more subdued grey/grey. This is the unit that lets you go from no outdoor kitchen to having the full set up in one swoop. It’s no longer a question of ‘za or ‘cue. Now it’s both. Order yours at here.

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Black Friday Sales