Toyota Trailhunter Concept

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Ever since gearheads first got their hands on trucks, enthusiasts have found ways to enhance the performance and capability of the vehicle through modifications. Over the next several decades, the aftermarket industry grew to be as large as the truck industry itself. As one of the truck makers who realize customers will modify their trucks, Toyota is looking to get one step ahead of the aftermarket industry in the future. 

As a result, the Toyota Trailhunter Concept reveals what the automaker has in mind when it comes to rolling an overlanding-capable truck off the lot or straight from the factory. The concept will become a new grade available across the Toyota truck and SUV line-up in the future. Going with a Trailhunter will grant you access to factory upgrades, reinforcements, and other benefits that come with getting more overland-ready components from Toyota.

That means you will be able to get an overlanding beast directly from Toyota without voiding any warranties for adding aftermarket overlanding parts, as long as you use the components approved and installed by Toyota. This is a great way to go off-roading right out of the box. You see, Trailhunter vehicles from Toyota will be purpose-built to do exactly what you want them to do rather than just swapping out one part for an upgrade.

Toyota Trailhunter Concept

Toyota hangs its very respected hat on a reputation for making reliable and durable vehicles using higher quality as the standard. By using Toyota Genuine parts or Associated Accessory Products, the automaker can make an extremely capable overlanding machine without sacrificing the reliability enthusiasts expect from them.

Some of the equipment you can expect to find on a Trailhunter model includes a custom suspension system, skid plates, and lighting enhancements. There will be customized bumpers, a roof rack, and even a roof tent on some Trailhunter models. You might even find a refrigerator with some Trailhunters, giving you access to your favorite cold brews while you enjoy a peaceful campfire.

Every model will be built from the ground up to be a very capable overlanding and adventurous machine. Although the Toyota Trailhunter Concept itself is not available, more details about the new upcoming grade of trucks and SUVs will become available sometime in 2023. Stay tuned for more details from Toyota if you are looking to add this vehicle to your arsenal in the future.

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