Track1 Off-Road Skateboard

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This is like ATV meets skateboard meets tank, but fits in the backseat of your car. Currently in the prototype stage and gathering funding, Track1 is designed, built and tested in-house by FLUX Design in Seattle. Their goal is to make an electric board that will go just about anywhere, be it snow, gravel, sand or mud. Their secret weapon in this noble aim is the rear-drive track. Instead of metal plates on the track (which wouldn’t make for a very smooth ride) Track1 uses lugs for a tread similar to a mud-terrain tire.

The go-wherever track is propelled by an engine that’s still getting tweaked, but the end result will be electric with a 12 mile range, a 20 mph top speed and will churn out 5hp. The deck is Kevlar and carbon fiber layers with removable bindings and optional handlebars. Get one so you can make the end of the sidewalk where the good skating begins. – $1,995

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