Tracksmith Off Roads Long Sleeve

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In my everyday wardrobe, I have two favorite materials: Merino wool and Tencel. While you’re probably familiar with the former, the latter may be new to you—it’s a recent development in fabrics that’s made from cellulose fibers, and is crazy soft and comfortable next to the skin. So when I saw Tracksmith’s new Off Roads Long Sleeve shirt, I knew I had to give it a closer look because it’s made of a blend of my two favorite fibers.

The Tencel blend in this shirt gives it a bulkier, heavier weight that’s great for long days spent outdoors in the fall and winter. It’s naturally antimicrobial, regulates temperature like a boss, and is quick drying and moisture wicking. Taken together, this makes it one of the only shirts I’ve seen that’s guaranteed to keep you as comfortable at the top of a mountain as it did at the base.

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