Trailer Valet RVR

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If 80s movies about the future are to be believed, theses days robots should be doing everything for us. While we thank Alexa for ordering us that Instant Pot, there are still a disappointing number of things we have to do ourselves. Which is why we’re happy to see trailer parking is now in the capable hands of a friendly, caterpillar-treaded machine. Not only does this thing let you park your trailer from the comfort of wherever, it’ll let you put your Airstream in places you would most assuredly not be able to get it into with a truck.

With thirty minutes of run time on the lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to take your time getting your tow-behind situated just right. The RVR comes in three sizes from a 3,500 pound capacity all the way up to 9,000 and the remote control works up to forty feet away, so if you want to park whilst sipping a daiquiri poolside, you can (though you shouldn’t). – $2,100

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