Trakline Belts

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Most belts do less for comfort and more for keeping our pants up. They usually only sport a few holes that are gratuitously spaced an inch or so apart, meaning the difference between pants that are tighter than spandex or too loose to stay up. Thankfully, there’s Trakline Belts. Crafted from full-grain leather and stainless steel, Trakline Belts feature a Trak system, or built-in grooves and a locking tab on the buckle that gives you up to 40 different sizing options in 0.25″ increments, meaning a perfect fit every time—Even after an epic showing at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Pick one up at Kore Essentials. Order before February 28th and get 10% off your purchase using the code gearmoose.

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