Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup

Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup

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The Trees Knees is really the Bee’s Knees when it comes to innovative syrups and drink additives. If the phrase “innovative syrups” is new to you, it’s because it’s an area of expertise that is far too commonly neglected.

The Trees Knees Coffee Maple from Stumptown Coffee Roasters is maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains that is infused with Stumptown’s Hair Bender Blend Coffee to create the perfect syrup blend that you can put in your favorite cocktail, pour over a pancake stack, or even use to deliciously dress up a bowl of ice cream.

The flavor is best described as a blend of dark chocolate, cherry, toffee, and good ole fashioned fudge. Do your taste buds a flavor and pick up a bottle today; they will thank you. – $14


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