Triton 660 AVA Submarine

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As a kid, I dreamt of life under the ocean. Not just seeing what was living in the seas—but actually getting to live down there with them, in some sort of Atlantis. As you might be able to guess, I still haven’t quite figured out a way to make my childhood fantasy home a reality. But Triton’s 660 AVA Submarine gets about as close as possible to Neptunian delights.

Through the use of advanced acrylics in this submarine’s construction, weight and hull space are cut down and more room is made for guests and viewing windows. The possibilities for six people to enjoy themselves under the sea are amazing: Sip cocktails while you watch schools of fish, get married in some of the most unique locations on Earth, or maybe have a fine meal in an unforgettable environment. No matter which way you go, the experience will be breathtaking.

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