Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle

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In a massive effort to shape the vision of Triumph motorcycles for the future, the legendary UK manufacturer formed several partnerships with industry experts. The end result is the Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle, a fully electric motorcycle concept. 

This project is the culmination of over two years of development, testing, and designing the TE-1 Project e-motorcycle. Although Triumph has not released the complete details regarding the Project TE-1 prototype, there is a lot of buzz generating in cycle communities for this bike. 

The TE-1 uses a liquid-cooled electric motor combined with an advanced power supply featuring state-of-the-art silicon carbide switching technology. On top of that, the TE-1 sports a Williams Advanced Engineering battery pack designed to optimize the center of gravity of the bike.

Triumph just wrapped up their third phase of development and testing for the Project TE-1. The team is now working on phase four. Phase four will include both road and track testing to fine-tune this cutting edge machine. 

The primary goal of the Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle is to help the company perfect their approach when building electric bikes in the future. That means there is a pretty good chance the TE-1 itself doesn’t reach production but never say never.

Because the TE-1 is a prototype, there are no official specifications released from Triumph at this time. Some known details include stopping power provided by Brembo M50 monobloc calipers. Triumph also notes the TE-1 boasts Ohlins USD cartridge forks and a Gates Carbon belt drive.

It may take some motorcycle enthusiasts a while to adjust to the idea of having a hog without exhaust pipes, but the TE-1 still features badass external styling. Even without pipes. Stay tuned to Triumph to follow the next chapter in TE-1 testing and development. 

You can be sure there is going to be a killer electric motorcycle becoming available from Triumph in the near future after they apply what they learn from this prototype. Many riders will be lining up to see what it can do.

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