Tug Magnetic Break-Away Plug

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Laptop cords. Phone chargers. Vacuums. Lamps. Your own feet. For some of you (not naming names), it’s not a question of IF you’ll trip over something, it’s WHEN. ILOVEHANDLES has a solution that is a must-have for the balance-impaired. It won’t save you (fine, US) from tripping over everything and anything, but it’ll help protect the electronics and household items that we usually take down with us as we go.

Tug is a simple magnetic breakaway connector that fits in your outlets. Plug your devices in, and you’ll likely forget it’s even there until you trip over your next cord. This time, however, instead of taking the lamp/laptop/phone/and yes, fine, one time the entire Christmas tree down with you, the breakaway magnet will unplug your device and save it from the constant destruction that you leave in your wake. A single plug is $19.95, or get a pack of three for $49.95. – Buy It

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