Twelve South Hoverbar Duo

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Stacks of books and pasta sauce jars can finally return to fulfilling their original purposes — this gadget will hold up your tablet, no leaning required. Twelve South is a brand out of South Carolina dedicated to creating clever stuff to go along with your Apple devices. The Hoverbar Duo puts a vice grip on your iPad (with or without the case) so you can stand it up on your desk. The arm extends up to 15 inches high, which means you can get your iPad up to face level instead of giving your Messenger companion that attractive up-the-nose angle.

With the ability to rotate the screen to either landscape or portrait orientation, you can take a Zoom meeting or watch some Movieclips then flip it up to FaceTime with your brother. And as long as your phone is at least five inches long, the Hoverbar can hold that too. As shipped in the box, the arm is attached to a weighted base that keeps the Hoverbar Duo upright on flat surfaces.

But as you might guess from that “Duo” in the name, there’s another function available here. With a few turns of a hex wrench and some light assembly, the base switches out for a clamp. Stick it under your kitchen cabinet so you can follow along with Alton Brown as he shows you how to make your own dang bagels, or just binge some Brooklyn Nine-Nine as you do the dishes.

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