U-Boat Worx Nexus Submarine

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The Nexus by U-Boat Worx brings its passengers as close to submarine sea exploration, without that pesky submarine in the way, than any other aquatic vessel. The lack of top and side floaters offers a wildly immersive under-water experience, like you’re floating through the sea in some kind of magic bubble. Then there’s the elliptical pressure hull, which is innovatively-built with three sections bonded seamlessly for unhindered visuals.

Inside, U-Boat Worx fashioned a luxurious experience, where up to nine people can sit pretty on cushy seats, with a revolving arrangement and plenty of room between them—more than most vessels in the industry. The Nexus series is depth-rated to 200 meters, which means you can get as deep as you would during a recreational scuba dive, but with first-class creature comforts and without the fear of being eaten by sharks.

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