Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Speaker

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No one is saying you can’t have a damn fine evening with a few friends and some plinky music emitting from your miniscule smartphone speakers. It’s just you can have an even better evening with the smooth, deep, full-bass sounds coming from truly well-made speakers. Ultimate Ears started life in the 1990s making in-ear monitors, used by some of the biggest acts in music. They’ve since expanded, applying their audio expertise to making premium speakers for the people who listen to those big musical acts. 

Ultimate Ears’ new Hyperboom speaker is possibly the biggest sound you can carry around on a strap. With two big woofers, soft-dome tweeters, and two oomph-generating passive radiators, the sound is clear and large (and about three times louder than the previous Megaboom 3). The adaptive EQ automatically balances the sound for the room (or outdoor space) you’re in and you can wirelessly connect multiple Hyperboom speakers using the Boom app

The Bluetooth input offers two different sources so you can hook up two phones at the same time, seamlessly switching between the two like some sort of magical home DJ deity. The 24-hour battery will never cut the evening short and as a brilliant finishing touch, Ultimate Ears made the Hyperboom speaker splash proof with an IPX4 rating so when someone nearby is compelled to gesticulate with beer in hand, the speaker will just keep bringing the music.

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