Uncharted Supply Co. Rapid Raft

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One moment, the Uncharted Supply Rapid Raft is a miniscule three-pound plastic package. Then, in a literal matter of seconds, it converts into a 400-pound-capacity boat, Autobot style. All you have to do is grab the deflated raft by its opening, then run a measly few feet with it in the air. The opening, designed with quick-fill technology, catches most, if not all, the inflation it needs. It’s such a cool trick, that I’d purposefully plan group hikes so that we come across a river—just to show it off.

“The most packable raft out there.”

And no, it’s nothing like that fast blow-up beach furniture. Uncharted Supply spent a lot of time using hydraulic technology and making the tubes super rigid, ensuring it stays intact if you bang against rocks or hit a stump. It can likely handle more than the still water crossing and quiet fishing days it was designed for. Its packed-up size is described as being the same as a loaf of bread. I’d say it’s even smaller, making the Rapid Raft the most packable raft out there.

Price: $479

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