Ural Air Motorcycle

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Riding doesn’t have to be a solitary event. Ural Motorcycles makes bikes with sidecars so you can bring your kid, your dog, even your mother’s uncle’s fishing buddy’s cousin with you on your journey. Their newest limited edition bike is based on their flagship 2W drive Gear Up model, and adds another dimension to riding — straight up into the air.

The sidecar on the Ural Air not only gives you a swank place for a passenger (and an impressive storage trunk), it also features a top compartment that holds a DJI Spark drone. Fly it to see the road ahead or take cool aerial photos of wherever you stop to refuel. Wisely, the remote attaches to the sidecar with a custom RAM Mount so your sidecar pal doesn’t go dropping the controller to your new toy. The Air also comes with a custom windsock mounted on a selfie stick to give you a feel for the prevailing winds so you can better fly your drone.

Only forty of these limited editions will be made and they’re expected to hit dealers this November. If you’re interested in taking a ride with a friend, a drone, and all the gear you need, throw your deposit down now. – Learn More

Ural Air Motorcycle and Side Car

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