Urwerk UR-102 Reloaded Watch

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Bringing back a 1997 classic, the Urwerk UR-12 Reloaded Watch combines a brawny machinery characteristic with a slick space-age vibe. It’s downright sci-fi, but not in a costumey way. The armored case and heavily dimensional lugs look bullet-proof, displaying only the gliding hour unit on a half-circle track. Urwerk co-founder Martin Frei wanted it to be reminiscent of a celestial body, which likely explains the subtle starry-sky-like speckling on the bottom track and the speedy brushing on the upper track.

It’s an overall commanding look, as if a satellite Transformer-style reconfigured itself into a watch. This limited edition timepiece comes in a titanium variant with a white woven band or the trademark all-black.

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