USC Seventy2 Survival System

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What’s more essential than a waterproof, durable bag for hitting the trail or getting out of town — way out of town? How about a waterproof, durable bag that doubles as a survival kit, designed with the input of everyone from emergency first responders to medical professionals? That’s what the Seventy2 Survival System brings to the table, packed with all the gear to help you get through an emergency situation in the great outdoors — these situations (or at least 95 percent of them) are resolved within 72 hours, so consider yourself set for those three critical days with this pack.

It really does have everything you need, plus plenty more (right down to five yards of duct tape — yes, duct tape). It’s also packed with a water filter, a Nalgene water bottle, a flashlight, a multi-tool and a space blanket for warmth, that’s really just the start of the extensive utility of the essential, potentially life-saving Seventy2 Survival System.

Seventy2 Survival System

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