Vagabund Moto V09 BMW R80RT

Vagabund Moto V09 BMW R80RT


After the two guys behind Austrian custom bike shop, Vagabund, made their fifth work of motorcycle art, a customer with a BMW R80 asked them to do it again. Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering the result) these guys don’t like looking back. They suggested a new custom with a nod to their Vagabund V05, but with a look and design that was entirely new.

They began by rebuilding the engine, replacing what needed replacing, then they stripped the body until only the gas tank remained. The rear end is 3D printed and has a custom leather seat. Motogadget parts were used for the turn signals and speedometer, Supertrapp made the muffler, and YSS supplies the shock. The rear wheel, with its custom made wheel cover, might be the most distinctive feature (unless you count that black, grey and bronze livery).

As much as possible of the Vagabund V09 was custom-built by hand by two guys in an Austrian workshop. Their attention to detail (sure there are wires, but where are they?) makes this custom one we can’t help but look longingly at. And that’s all anyone will be able to do — as this bike is destined for its very happy new owner. – Learn More


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