Vagabund Moto V15 BMW R9T

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For some custom bike builders, the pursuit of perfection yields motorcycles that push the boundaries of imagination itself. One glance at the Vagabund Moto V15 BMW R9T may have you wondering what year it is. No, it is not a time machine, but the futuristic styling of the all-new V15 is as exceptional as it is sharp.

Considering the fact there is not a single modified part on this build that is “off the shelf,” the Vagabund V15 R9T is truly a custom build down to its core. This is the 15th build from the mad scientists in Austria’s Vagabund Moto workshop. From 3D printing parts to relentlessly shaping the metalwork by hand, V15 is easily their best bike yet. 

One of the most unique features on this custom motorcycle is a remote control that opens the bodywork up. Using the remote releases a latch that exposes an under-seat storage area and other intricate build details. The upper layer of the bodywork moves up and down on hydraulic shocks.

In the end, the V15 looks very different from the 2016 BMW R9T motorcycle Vagabund began with. Even the subframe is custom. There is a Motogadget dash, a built-in credit card wallet, and a Leatherman pouch underneath it. Vagabund Moto thought of everything so you can just enjoy the ride.

Of course, there are some OEM parts remaining on the bike but only because it needs to be street legal in Spain. When Vagabund’s client asked them to build the very best bike they have ever done, their response was this masterpiece. How would you ask Vagabund to build your next ride?

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