Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT Motorcycle

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The Austrian custom motorcycle company known as Vagabund Moto has a reputation for building bikes with precision craftsmanship. In this case, they took a 1994 BMW R100RT into the shop. 

The combination of design and performance modifications on this Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT are impressive. You will find custom mods down to the smallest details on this motorcycle. 

Vagabund uses a lot of 3D printing technology for parts on the V12 BMW R100RT. For example, the rear end, handlebar controls and light housing parts are all made using 3D printing manufacturing. This technology enables Vagabund to achieve a very unique and modern design.

A futuristic yet stealthy style lends itself to the Vagabund R100RT. Vagabund gave the bike a new weld-modified rear frame with a shortened LSL streetbar. The rear wheel cover is custom fabricated from lightweight fiberglass. A milled aluminium Vagabund logo and black matte paint put the finishing touches on the exterior style. 


Vagabund squeezes even more performance from this iconic 90’s BMW motorcycle while keeping it 100% street legal. A Grimeca Brake Master Cylinder ensures you always have enough hydraulic pressure to apply stopping power when necessary. Vagabund equips the V12 BMW R100RT with a Domino clutch lever for reliability when you need it the most.

Perhaps the most exciting and noticeable performance modification is the exhaust system. The Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT features a HATTACH Y-pipe with a silencer. To keep up with the post-apocalyptic style of the bike, Vagabund finished the exhaust system with a black ceramic coating. 

Every customized detail of the Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT is for style, purpose or performance. If you love custom builds, you owe it to yourself to see how Vagabund breathes new life into this classic BMW motorcycle.

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