Van B Modular Apartments

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Despite the headlines declaring a pandemic-induced mass exodus from major cities, it’s still crazy expensive to live in most of them. A 400-square-foot apartment in Manhattan can easily run you $4,000 a month. A 600-square-foot pad will cost even more. Which is why we think every high-priced big city apartment should take a page out of Van B’s book. The building’s modular approach effectively turns a 400-square-foot space into something that functions like you have 600 square feet at your disposal. 

Van B Modular Apartments
Image Credit: Bauwerk / bloomimages

Designed by UNStudio for a residential development in Munich, Van B features modern, high-design apartments with bath, kitchen, and living spaces, but then residents can choose three “plug-ins.” Lining one wall, they look a lot like those giant rolling library stacks, but instead of books, each plug-in contains a different living function. A bed in one, a gym in another, and an office space in the next. There are also gourmet kitchen plug-ins, a multimedia plug-in, and an extra guest plug-in. 

A resident picks the plug-ins that work best for them, then they just slide the stacks throughout the day to reconfigure the apartment for the task at hand. No wasted space, and more importantly, no wasted rent dollars. 

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