Vanderhall Navarro Adventure Vehicle

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Once upon a time, Vanderhall vehicles were all about the thing they lacked: a fourth wheel. With the production of the Laguna in 2015 they tackled issues inherent to three wheeled vehicles to create a fun-to-drive “autocycle” that combined the stability and driving style of a car with the open-air, man-melding-with-machine feeling of a motorcycle. 

Then in 2018 Vanderhall took another step away from the norm to create the Edison2, a three-wheeled, handbuilt car that’s also entirely electric. Now Vanderhall is working on the Navarro Adventure Vehicle, scheduled to hit the trails in 2022. Retaining the all-electric format, but adding in that fourth wheel, they’re creating a (slightly) more traditional off-roading machine. 

Each of the four wheels is powered by a dedicated electric motor producing a combined 300 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds of immediately available torque. Riding on 35-inch tires and employing 20 full inches of suspension travel, this will womp over any rough terrain that stands before it. If you’d rather go around those obstacles, the four-wheel steering will provide top-notch maneuverability.  

Enclosed interiors are a new thing for Vanderhall, so it’ll be fun to see what they do inside the Navarro. Air conditioning, heat, and heated seats will come standard, as will a bluetooth Kicker sound system and V-tex wrapped seats (and that’ll be four seats per vehicle, instead of their usual two-seater design). 

The 300 volt battery with up to 60 kw-hours of power storage will get you an estimated 200 miles on a charge, and with the available DC fast-charging you can get an 80 percent charge in less than an hour. Vanderhall is also shooting for a zero-maintenance period of up to ten years. That means all you’ll need to do when this thing hits the market is find a suitably rocky and far off place to put it to the test.

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