Victorinox Ranger Grip 55

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Ever feel like your everyday carry needs a shot in the arm? That perfect, all-in-one piece that’s unheralded and underrated, but seriously critical when you get right down to it? Consider the Victorinox Ranger Grip 55, the latest standout offering from a legendary brand, and one that knows a thing or two about outfitting adventurers, explorers and guys like yourself with the best EDC gear around. 

The Ranger Grip 55 goes above and beyond what you might expect from an EDC piece, packing in plenty of punch for not a lot of dough (it retails for $120 right now). The Ranger Grip 55 features 12 different functions in a sleek, monochrome black colorway, all the better to keep your EDC and your gear as sharp as can be. It’s got all the right picks to tackle most any situation on the trail or at home tackling your latest project, including a can opener, a wire stripper, and a wood saw. How cool is that? Add it to your EDC list as soon as humanly possible. 

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