Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT

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Those who have perfected the configuration of their carry know the satisfaction that comes from pulling out exactly the right tool for exactly the right occasion — beer gets opened, screws get tightened, rope gets cut. So here’s for the guy who wants to say, “Yes.” when someone asks if there’s a hook disgorger in the house (that’s the notched end of the fish scaler [which is the saw-like blade with the numbers on it]).

With 82 different functions, the Champ XAVT is a beast of a collector’s item (the biggest Victorinox makes) and will never leave you wanting for a pharmaceutical spatula, an altimeter or a 2mm screwdriver. At a full 2.5 inches wide and around 12.4 ounces heavy, minimal carry this is not. But pull this out of your pocket and a conversation will absolutely begin. Unless you’re alone, in which case you can have a chat to commend yourself on your extreme level of preparedness. – Buy It

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