Vintage Electric Scrambler

Vintage Electric Scrambler


This California company makes bikes cooler on 2 (seemingly) different planes. Bringing back old-school cool by making solid, built-in-California, classic bicycles, Vintage Electric also integrates tech-forward electric motors into all of their models. The Scrambler in particular is the hard-riding dirt bike member of the VE family.

With a 52 volt, 702 watt hour direct drive hub motor, you can pedal when you want and let the (totally silent) motor power you when you don’t. Oversized Moto handlebars put you upright and stable and the Schwalbe Black Jack tires with KevlarGuard protect against flats so you can go from pavement to dirt as the day takes you.

Old meets new, dirt meets road, motor-power meets man-power. Everything good mixed together, just like a good scramble. Learn more at Vintage Electric.


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