Viritech Apricale Hypercar

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Viritech is accelerating hydrogen technology to the finish line in spectacular fashion. The Viritech Apricale Hypercar shows what hydrogen is capable of but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future. This British company is not only building the Apricale Hypercar, they are on a mission to show the world why hydrogen is superior to the batteries found in electric vehicles.

In fact, Viritech is currently developing hydrogen powertrain solutions for other industries including both marine and aerospace applications. Of course, that goes without saying that the Apricale Hypercar is the star of Viritech’s show. 

The engineering blueprint of the Apricale features F1 and motorsports DNA. Viritech believes the best way to show hydrogen’s advantages is through a hypercar. Whenever you need extended range or more power, hydrogen can get the job done. They say it is also a better long-term energy storage option when compared to lithium-ion batteries. 

The Latin word Apricus means touched by the sun which consists primarily of hydrogen and helium. Viritech used this Latin word as the foundation for the Apricale Hypercar’s name. Although there are not a lot of technical specifications available on the Apricale yet, you can be sure this hypercar is going to light it up.

For now you can check out the sleek exterior design of this new hydrogen hypercar. It even has gullwing doors, a feature that always makes a lasting impression. You will probably want to keep the doors closed while taking off in this hypercar, it might be capable of going fast enough to begin creating some lift.

Industry experts expect the Apricale to produce more than 1,000 horsepower with a top speed well over 200 miles per hour. If you want a Viritech Apricale Hypercar you will need to act very quickly. They are only making a limited run of 25 hypercars. Production will begin in 2023. Don’t let this hypercar get away, you’ll never catch it.

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