Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Amphibious Shoe

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Sometimes the easiest way to get across that river is to hike through it. Amphibious shoes let you do just that without putting your hike on pause as you dry your socks on a rock. Vivobarefoot is a company that believes your feet have all the technology they need to carry you around all day. Their shoes get out of the way and let your foot do its thing. (While protecting you from thorns and other sharp unpleasantness).

The Ultra 3s let your feet breathe and water drain out. Sticky rubber on the bottom grips rocks like a climbing shoe, while the shoe themselves weigh next to nothing (about 6.5 ounces). They also come with zero arch support and no extra padding. Instead you get a wide toe box and an exceptionally flexible sole. It’s just one step up from being barefoot on the trail. One really smart step. – $50

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