Volkswagen Electric Dune Buggy

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The new VW concept is an all new, hyper modern, fully electric dune buggy — but it’s based on a very old Volkswagen idea. At their founding, Volkswagens were literally a car for the people built with air-cooled engines because not everyone could afford a garage (where the coolant wouldn’t freeze). And back in 1960s California, dune buggies became dune buggies because VW Beetles were cheap, easy to find, and readily modifiable. It’s that DIY, everyman compatibility that the company is aiming for once again. Just this time it’s all electric.

The MEB is Volkswagen’s modular electric car platform and they’re looking to get everyone interested in building on it. By basing the Electric Dune Buggy on the MEB, they want to show the platform works for small-scale custom and one-off builds — not just giant production runs. Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this March, it’s going to drum up nostalgia for those days of tinkering, racing, and customizing, while looking very much like a vehicle of the future. – Learn More

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