Vostok Space Beer

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So you pay SpaceX or Blue Origin a couple hundred thousand dollars for a seat on a rocket that launches you into space. Then you get up there and want a beer. You’re told there’s no beer in space. Suddenly the whole endeavor loses its appeal and you’re wondering what the refund policy is…

Vostok Space Beer out of Sydney, Australia is looking to make sure that doesn’t happen. Their Indiegogo campaign is picking up speed and once funded, will commence the manufacture of specialized bottles that will overcome the obstacles of zero gravity (and the indignity of drinking a beer via squeeze pouch) to make having a cold one in space as close to possible as having a cold one down here. (Except, obviously, the drinker will be in freaking space.)

To fill the bottles, they’ve already figured out a low-carbonation, high-flavor stout that solves two space-specific problems: “wet burps” and a space traveler’s dulled senses. All that’s left is getting backers who are ready to make space travel even more amazing. Learn more here.

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