VSSL Camp Supplies Compact Adventure Kit

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Successful camping, hiking, and backpacking trips rely on one thing: Preparedness. If you’re ready for whatever the great outdoors might throw at you, the experience of being outside can open your eyes to a natural world full of abundant wonders. Miss out on a crucial piece of gear, though, and your communion with nature might look more like a bad sitcom episode.

That’s why VSSL’s all-in-one camp supply kits have become my new obsession. They combine a massive array of outdoor essentials—72 in total—into one ultra-compact, indestructible, military grade aluminum tube. Every detail has been attended to, from the completely waterproof exterior, to the lightweight one-pound pack weight, to the 200 lumen compact flashlight.

In short: VSSL’s Camp Supplies Compact Adventure Kit makes it easy to be prepared for anything that can happen outdoors—which is why I won’t be going camping or hiking without one in my pack.

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