Wet Shave Club

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Disposable and electric razors are best left for college kids and the womenfolk. Throw out your plastic Bic razor and start grooming your mo like man was intended to—with a sharp safety razor, a warm lather, and some quality aftershave. The perfect way to begin your new shaving endeavor is with Wet Shave Club ($19-$29/month), a monthly grooming subscription service aiming to bring back the traditional way of shaving.

After joining, you’ll receive a box outfitted with everything necessary for a shave, including a double edge safety razor, a soap brush, shaving soap, extra blades, and some premium aftershave. Every month after, a box filled with more soaps, blades, aftershave, and other grooming products will arrive conveniently at your doorstep.

Wet Shave Club

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