Wheel Turntable

Wheel Minimalist Turntable

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It saves a step, protects the stylus, hides the arm, and streamlines all buttons, knobs and dials. What’s left is a turntable distilled down to its essence and worthy of your vinyl collection (or else worthy of inspiring you to start one). Designed and made in Holland by design firm Miniot, Wheel houses all the tech in the platter, playing your record from the bottom. The electronically stabilized belt drive precision-turns the platter at 33.3 or 45 rpm while the center stick controls start, stop, track advance and headphone volume.

And the looks? We’re pretty sure this is the aesthetic pinnacle the record player has been striving towards for a 140 years or so. Use it flat, upright on a stand, or mounted to the wall — it looks fantastic in any direction. The Wheel should ship May 2018, giving you just enough time to prepare your vinyl for greatness. – $800+

Wheel Minimalist Turntable


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