Whipping Post ’51 Gym Bag

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With the kind of vintage-inspired, rugged good looks and durability that Whipping Post puts into every product, it’s no surprise that the Whipping Post ‘51 Gym Bag can deliver everything you’d expect from a regular gym bag — and more.

The vegetable-tanned leather and reinforced carrying straps start things out durably and handsomely — and then, this bag lets you get to work. No need to be worried about hauling your gear from point A to point B — Whipping Post has you covered. Perhaps the best part? It’s just a shade over $300 — when’s the last time you saw a bag this good-looking available for that low of a price?

You’d have to search high and low to find a brand able to replicate what Whipping Post can do when it comes to incredible gear — but then again, you could just settle for the real deal right now with the ‘51 Gym Bag. – $310

Whipping Post '51 Gym Bag

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