Whiskey Barrel x Bespoke Post Cask Reserve Coffee

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Let’s talk about all the words in this product’s name. Whiskey? Yes, please. Barrel aged? Don’t mind if we do. Cask reserve? Sign us up. Coffee? Say no more. This heaven in a mug (well it’s in a bag, you have to grind it and brew it to get it in your mug) is made exclusively for Bespoke Post by the people over at Whiskey Barrel Coffee.

First they add green coffee beans to barrels that once held bourbon. Once they’ve aged, they transfer the beans over to former port barrels. The resulting coffee carries hints and notes of all manner of good things — caramel and vanilla from the whiskey, fruitiness from the port — plus all the wondrous qualities (like caffeine) that make coffee the elixir of life that it is. – Shop Now

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