Whiskey Peaks Beer Stein

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If you’re not already familiar with Whiskey Peaks, do yourself a favor and check out their full catalog of glasses (I’ll wait right here). The basic idea is this: If you’re drinking whiskey that is a complex aromatic and taste sensation, why the heck shouldn’t you pair that with top-notch touch and visuals as well? Then all you have to do is throw on your favorite album, and you’ll be in a blissful sensory paradise.

And now for those folks who prefer the lighter and bubblier side of grain alcohols, Whiskey Peaks has released a double-walled Beer Stein. That extra layer of insulation makes it perfect for keeping your favorite cold ones as cold as can be, and the hand blown glass design will give slight variations and a unique look and feel to each and every mug. These gorgeous vessels are completed by a topographic impression of Oregon’s Mount Hood, paying homage to a Beer Capital of the United States—so pour yourself a West Coast IPA and enjoy all these glasses have to offer.

Price: $30

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