Whistlepig 10 Year Piggybank Rye

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This Christmas, it’s time to crack open the piggy bank. But there’s something far more rewarding than a handful of nickels and dimes here: It’s Whistlepig’s playful 10 Year Piggybank Rye, complete with its own collector’s bottle that you’ll want to keep on your liquor shelf all year round.

Aged for 10 years in a mix of freshly charred and second-use barrels, the Piggybank Rye is bottled at a solid 110 proof—just right for sipping neat if you like your spirits fiery, or perfectly capable of standing up to a big piece of ice for slower imbibing. No matter how you serve it, the Piggybank offers up a long, rich, bountifully spiced tasting experience filled with notes of spearmint, black pepper, dark tobacco, followed by a long oaky finish.

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