Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon

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Matthew McConaughey is not from Kentucky; he’s from Texas. Matthew McConaughey is not known for making bourbon; he’s known for making movies. And yet. Back in 2016, Wild Turkey hired McConaughey as their creative director. It began ordinarily enough with the actor using his Texas drawl and Hollywood smile to make some television spots promoting the bourbon.

But then he decided to use that creative director position to create. With the aim of making the bourbon he always wanted to drink, McConaughey worked with Wild Turkey’s master distiller Eddie Russell to develop a bourbon with a bit of sweetness, a bit of smoke, that didn’t need anything more than a glass to be enjoyed. The result is Longbranch — small batch, aged in oak, and refined through charcoal from oak and Texas mesquite.

Longbranch is available now in the Lawrenceburg distillery shop and soon it’ll be for sale at a purveyor of spirits near you (and us). Learn more at Wild Turkey.

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