Woodchuck Winter Chill Cider

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You’re deciding what to drink and think maybe you’ll switch it up and go for something other than beer. After making sure you’re still of sound mind, we recommend picking up a cider. This one is a particularly nice choice if the weather out your way has been on the chilly end of the spectrum (or downright surface-of-Neptune cold). It’s Woodchuck’s seasonal winter offering, Winter Chill.

Made from hand-picked apples and fermented with a champagne yeast, the Winter Chill cider then goes on to be aged in American and French oak barrels which give it a deep apple flavor with hints of vanilla and oak. It’s a medium bodied, lightly carbonated cider with a deep copper color that lives on the drier side of the scale. All in all, a very tasty option when you want to give beer the night off.

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