Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish

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The original Woodford Reserve has been one of our favorite sipping whiskeys for some time now, owing to its heavy oak presence backed up by vanilla, spice, and a touch of grain sweetness.

Take a look at those flavors again: Toasted oak, with its bitter tannins. Sweet and aromatic vanilla. Pungent baking spices. And just enough grain backbone to give it structure. Now: Imagine adding the finest, most finessed dollop of honey to all of it.

That’s what Woodford Reserve’s Honey Barrel Finish accomplishes in spades. New notes of honeysuckle and citrus blend with the spirit’s baking spices. Rich, raw honey pervades the silky mid-palate. And the brand’s signature long, toasty finish cleans everything up at the end.

If all that has your mouth watering, grab a bottle while you can—because this is part of an exclusive, limited edition collection that likely won’t last past fall of 2022.

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