W&P Design Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

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Why should whiskey get all the fun? Bourbon and whiskey are the usual suspects when it comes to wood aging (which is where they get those awesome caramel, vanilla, and smoke flavors, plus that excellent amber color) but gin, vodka, and rum also benefit from time spent with wood. While you can certainly buy oaked, aged, or barrel aged spirits, this kit lets you make your own. 

Made by W&P Design (the brand that brought you those cool carry on cocktail kits) this Barrel Aged Spirit Kit has all you need to age a light-colored spirit of your choice, right in the bottle you bought it in. The honeycomb oak staves (pieces of carved and charred wood) go in the bottle and the included cheesecloth helps you strain it out when your level of aging has been reached. There’s a handy guide to help you get your desired level of oak — but periodically tasting the liquor along its two week aging journey is the best (and tastiest) way to know for sure.

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