Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

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Most whiskey out there comes to you from distilleries owned by a handful of international corporations. Which isn’t to say that the makers of Beam, Bulleit, and Wild Turkey don’t know what they’re doing — far from it. But when a distillery comes around that is family owned and operated, that sources all of its ingredients from the region in which it resides, and that ages its whiskey five years in its own rickhouses, that’s something unique in today’s whiskey market.

The people behind Wyoming Whiskey built their distillery in 2009 on the soil of their family-owned ranch that dates back to the 19th century. The corn, wheat, barley, and rye that goes into their bourbon (and their soon-to-be-released rye) comes from a farm in Byron, Wyoming. The water comes from a limestone aquifer below Manderson, Wyoming. And the Wyoming winters (cold) and Wyoming summers (hot) give the whiskey in their rickhouses a good push/pull in and out of charred oak barrels.

All of that makes for an impressive bourbon, namely, their flagship spirit: Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon. It’s dark amber in color and has notes of browned butter, cinnamon and a hint of mint with a medium finish and toasted maple aftertaste. It’s winning awards and making friends with most everyone who drinks it. And with distribution in thirty-four states, you don’t even have to go to Wyoming to enjoy it. Though if you do, stop by their distillery and see how bourbon is made — the right way. – Learn More

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