X-Ti Titanium EDC Multi-Tools

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Some EDC tools just make sense, especially when they’re small enough to fit on your existing keychain without adding much bulk. Case in point, the X-Ti Series Multi-Tools.

CNC milled from grade 5 titanium, these multi-tools are light enough to tote around all day without much effort, strong enough to last a lifetime, and come in three different models depending on your lifestyle — The Skate, which sports an assortment of wrenches for securing the hardware on your deck, the Bike, which features tools required for servicing your bicycle such as spoke wrenches and wheel wrenches, and the Surf, a wave-riding go-to multi-tool complete with a screwdriver, a fin key, and a wax scraper.

And not only does each X-Ti Multi-Tool integrate easily into your existing keychain via a keyring hole, they also open bottles. All three of them. We’ll drink to that. Available for preorder now at Kickstarter. – $25+

X-Ti Titanium EDC Skateboard Tool

X-Ti Titanium EDC Multi-Tool

X-Ti Titanium EDC Multi-Tool Keychain

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